Ockbrook School students

Why imagery is core to brand

Bringing a new brand expression to life is essential for everyone associated with it. It helps to generate an understanding of the brand and what it stands for.

We created a new brand expression for Ockbrook School, a 200 year old independent school in Derbyshire. The school’s motto (roughly translated) is ‘I can do all things through Christ’. This was inspiration for our brand expression ‘I can do all things’, a statement designed to reflect the exceptional education and preparation for life beyond school that students enjoy.

The school sector is awash with photographs of children huddled in unrealistic groups, reflecting the diversity of the school. We wanted to place individual students as the heroes in natural learning environments. The hero is pin sharp, whilst the background is out of focus, communicating the confidence of ‘I’ in ‘I can do all things’. Students are placed off centre to allow for copy headlines to be run over the background.

The resulting suite of compelling images is married with creative copy headlines that communicate the future success of the school’s students e.g. Learning today, Achieving tomorrow.

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