About us

At Redbrick we believe in one core purpose - that reputation matters.

We enhance, protect and build reputations for businesses, brands, people - anyone and anything that has a reputation to protect or promote. We work with international organisations and small, local businesses - but we apply the same ardour to each, because it’s our reputation that matters too.

Our clever communications are tailored to target customers, communities, employees, influencers, opinion formers and the press. Our B2B and B2C work is award winning.

We create compelling, engaging and integrated communications strategies across a wide range of sectors - from leisure and tourism to property, manufacturing and retail.

We’ve accumulated a quite wonderful client portfolio of which we never cease to be proud. Our story is all about reputation. It’s at the core of everything we do and simply, it matters.

What we value

Enjoy what you do
The work we do is inspiring. We look forward to each day because our work is varied, the challenges exciting and the results rewarding.
Yes we can
We believe in always providing a helping hand. We find solutions where others see obstacles. We always find a way.
Have great ideas
We encourage creativity. Ideas are the embryo for inspirations. Transforming our ideas into compelling communications for our client is our goal.
Act with integrity
We always act with integrity, advising solutions that deliver the best results for you. We are ethical and believe in fairness, representing clients that share our values.
Be passionate
It’s not enough to be good at what we do; it’s our passion that makes us exceptional. Our enthusiasm excites and inspires greatness.
Reputation matters
We invest in our people, equipping you with the right skills and tools to do the best you can. Simply, your success is our success.

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Industry standards

Not all public relations consultants and practices are equal.

We have always adhered to the standards laid out by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. As individual members, it goes without saying that we are committed to upholding the best standards of professional practice.

What you get from us is honest advice based on years of experience. We have our own high ethical standards and we will not compromise them. We’re considered in our approach. That means, from time to time, we will say no to new business opportunities because they don’t sit comfortably with us.

We maintain the highest standards of professional endeavour, integrity, confidentiality, financial propriety and personal conduct.

We deal honestly and fairly in business with employers, employees, clients, fellow professionals, other professions and the public.

We respect the legal and regulatory frameworks and codes of all countries.

We uphold the reputation of, and do nothing that would bring into disrepute, the public relations profession or the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

We respect and abide by the CIPR’s Code and ensure that others who are accountable to us (e.g. subordinates and sub-contractors) do the same.

We encourage professional training and development in order to raise and maintain professional standards generally.