How we work with the press to tell your story

Media Relations

Editorial is the lifeblood of media relations. That’s news stories, in-depth technical features and articles that position you as thought leaders in your field. We know how to write for the press, carefully selecting the right tone of voice to match different media.

Our knowledge and experience working with international, national, regional and local press give us an edge that is hard to quantify, but which means that the pick up by the media of what we do is second to none.

Positive press support is crucial for individuals, organisations, and businesses seeking to establish and maintain a favourable public image. We build strong relationships with the media that enable effective storytelling and dissemination of information. We achieve positive coverage that enhances credibility, influencing public perception and shaping a positive narrative.

Media relations facilitate the sharing of key messages, helping to manage and control the flow of information during both routine operations and crises. Journalists often rely on established relationships for accurate and timely news, offering opportunities to present a brand or message in a positive light. We proactively engage the media so that we can clarify misconceptions and address issues transparently.

We build positive media relations which contribute to brand reputation, public trust, and your overall success.

Media Relations

We are storytellers, getting closer to the press, and spreading your message. We influence the way you are perceived in and by the press, both positively and in times of crisis, and understand what the press want. We tailor the tactics we use to achieve the best result – from exclusive briefings to targeted press announcements, photocalls, features, and launch events.

Digital PR

A digital-first approach is at the heart of (almost all) communications strategies. We can develop content that will help enhance your brand's online identity. Ultimately, our digital PR tactics increase referral traffic, boost social engagement, and generate leads.

Events Management

Exclusive press events are an effective way of launching new products and initiatives. We handle everything – from identifying the best venues to targeted press lists, entertainment, catering, and goodie bags. Well-run events live long in the memory of journalists. They nurture strong relationships that deliver long-term returns. Plus they’re a lot of fun.

Crisis Communications

At the heart of any relationship with the press is an effective and efficient press office. We provide 24/7/365 press office services to our clients, ensuring crises are dealt with as they happen. We record all contacts and produce monthly or campaign reports that provide clients with insight into our activity levels and successes.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring the media for signs of coverage isn’t as simple as it sounds. So we invest in third-party services to keep an eye out for us. Or we use free online tools for lower-budget campaigns where coverage is localised and easily trackable. The same goes for evaluation. We use smart tools that provide compelling metrics about your reach.


10 years and counting managing the media for Splendour Festival

Splendour Festival is Nottingham's most popular annual music festival, set against the historic backdrop of Wollaton Hall in Wollaton Park. 

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