Media visit to AUMA - Paul Hopkins, Daniel Ware, and Colin Borrows pose for a photo.

Engaging with the media

Developing relationships through media visits to AUMA

As part of our strategy to engage with key media titles and enhance relationships with the editors, we developed an ongoing programme of media visits to AUMA Actuators’ headquarters.

It’s great to regularly communicate with the press via email and on social media. It’s even better to meet face-to-face once in a while.

The media visits are an opportunity to not only increase brand awareness, but also meet the editors in person and find out what content works well for them, as well as the chance to tour AUMA’s factory, meet the team and find out about its capabilities and solutions.

Media visit to AUMA - Daniel Ware and Colin Borrows looking at an actuator


We’ve already had Daniel Ware, Water Magazine publisher (above), along to experience the the way AUMA does things differently. As a result, we’ve now got a couple of editorial features due to appear in the monthly magazine, as well as online articles.

We understand what the press want. We tailor the tactics we use to achieve the best result, achieving coverage on and offline, broadcast and published.

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