Photoshoot Art Direction in London

How we worked with a leading professional photographer and managed a two-day photoshoot to capture a catalogue of new product photography. 

We clocked up some 50,000 steps across two days in London recently. We were there with our client L.B. Foster to manage the photoshoot art direction of new product photography.


The two-day photoshoot required a great deal of pre-planning. Before we could even consider packing our bags and heading to the Capital, we worked closely with the marketing team at L.B. Foster over many weeks to develop a thorough photoshoot brief. We also helped to fill out a variety of permission slips to allow us access to some of London’s most secure, and iconic, locations.

Image left - photographer taking photo outside Heathrow terminal 3; image right - girl holding Costa coffee cup


Art direction in London

Everything was confirmed. Representatives at London Heathrow Airport – the UK’s busiest airport – as well as London King’s Cross, London Euston and London Bridge railway stations had given us the thumbs up to attend with the photographer.

Coffee in hand, we set off on a very early train for a busy, but fun, few days in London.

Image left - pizza on a table; image right - girl wearing hi-vis at London King's Cross station in front of information boards


The aim of the photoshoot was to capture L.B. Foster’s Inform Totems solution hard at work delivering customer information when and where it’s needed.

Thanks to our expertise, we seamlessly navigated locations across London and captured an exceptional catalogue of new images for sales and marketing purposes. 

Despite the seven-hour journey home due to cancelled trains because of Storm Dudley – which resulted in a 101-mile taxi trip from Harpenden to Nottingham with two complete (but lovely!) strangers who were also on the train – it was a very successful few days out of the office. 

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