Day in the Life of an Account Executive

What a typical day for an Account Executive in a PR agency looks like

You could say there isn’t a typical day of work for someone working at an agency. One day I could be in the office writing a press release and pitching a story to the media, the next I am in the Peak District at a client meeting, or on-site at a festival manning the press office. 

Some days are more interesting than others but I’m always kept busy.

Starting the day

A stereotypical day working as an account executive at Redbrick starts with hoping I’m not the last one into the office so I’m not doing the first tea round! 

If I’m lucky, I begin my morning by sifting through my inbox for anything that needs to be dealt with immediately. 

I’ll also review social media accounts for Redbrick and clients. This is to check if there are any new direct messages or engagement notifications that need to be actioned.

I then begin on any tasks I didn’t finish the day before. I try to get all of my writing out in the morning, as I find that’s when I’m at my most creative. 

My favourite task

The highlight of my morning is getting to read the Nottingham Post. Local news is always fascinating to me. One page could be a story about how someone’s lost cat re-appeared after six months of being lost and the next is about a serious criminal being arrested. 

I will always check to see if any of our clients have a mention, if any of our press releases have been used and flag these to my colleagues, as well as keep up to date on current affairs from across the region. 

Lunchtime treats

At lunchtime, I make the most of the fact we are based in the city centre and venture out to one of the many great coffee shops in Nottingham. It’s always good to get out and stretch your legs at lunchtime, as long as it isn’t raining!

Afternoon excitements

After re-caffeinating, I spend the afternoon doing more entertaining tasks. These include working in Photoshop or Premiere Pro, editing pictures or helping create videos. It varies from changing the background of a picture to bring it to life, editing out imperfections and objects that ruin the image, or creating a video to be sent out to encourage sign-ups.

Off home

I see in a final round of tea and then it’s home time. Logging off, shutting the shutters, making sure the blinds are down, and locking up. Ready to do it all again tomorrow. 



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