Stakeholder communications for the National Stone Centre

How we managed the stakeholder communications strategy IQ's merger with the National Stone Centre

The National Stone Centre (NSC) in Derbyshire is a niche visitor attraction with a big learning agenda, connecting with schools, colleges and universities to bring to life the story of stone. It’s based in six former quarries and was seen as a perfect match for the Institute of Quarrying (IQ). The merger followed a broad agreement with the NSC’s trustees and IQ’s membership.

What we delivered

Our communications strategy included stakeholder mapping, which informed the channels with which we engaged the various stakeholder groups – from the local community to NSC volunteers, IQ members and the media.

We managed the announcement communications, including media, digital, social, literature, and film, as well as developed the campaign theme ‘Inspiring for Generations’.

Widespread press coverage resulted from a press call, with broadcast media visiting the site to interview representatives of IQ and NSC, as well as the local community.

National Stone Centre literature brochure

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