How to max out on return on investment in events

Targeted communications campaign to support customer rail event for L.B. Foster

Over the last six months, our account team has been busy developing the format and content of a customer event at the Railway Industry Association in London. 

So how do you tempt busy people to take time out of their day?

Customer endorsements 

First, we outlined what a thought leadership event should look like, as few are interested in something that’s overtly product promotional.

Customer endorsement was at the heart of our thinking. Who better to champion our client’s solutions than respected advocates? Having worked with a number of rail industry influencers, we quickly identified our targets and invited them to present. We were slightly taken aback by how enthused they were to take part. It seems sometimes all you have to do is ask!

Digital tactics

At the same time as we were tempting the presenters. We implemented a targeted campaign that involved paid and organic social media, web content, and a flurry of e-shots all designed to swell attendance. Whilst the core focus has been all about getting bums on seats, we’ve been thinking further ahead to maximise the visibility of the investment so that not just those who attend hear about the great things that L.B. Foster is doing.

Media relations

We reached out to our contacts in the rail media, who jumped at the opportunity to join us on the day. A compelling media pitch and one digital press pack later, we donned our photographer/videographer hats and captured the day to use in newsletters, social media and on the web.

The results?

Major features in the rail industry’s most prestigious international titles and UK online media. Oh. And a full house on the day of expectant prospects.

It seems we’re pretty good at multi-tasking!

A job well done.

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