Beat the Streets Music Festival PR

Media relations for DHP Family’s Beat the Streets Charity Music Festival 

Back after a forced hiatus in 2021, DHP Family’s multi-venue festival Beat the Streets came back with a bang in 2022. Renowned across Nottingham for the vital funds it raises to improve the lives of the homeless, the event also shines a spotlight on the issue.

What we delivered

Using the line-up announcements put together by music promoters DHP Family, we utilised our great relationships with the Nottingham media to secure more than 22 pieces of coverage with a total reach of 4.9 million. 

We set up a package with Notts TV featuring an interview with singer-songwriter Rob Green and a chat with Framework’s Head of Fundraising Claire Eden for the Ey Up evening programme.

We were also delighted BBC Radio Nottingham took up the pitch offer and gave the interview more than seven minutes of airtime in a wide-ranging piece about the homeless crisis, the impact of the festival in both fundraising and awareness terms as well as how the festival came about after DHP Family MD, George Akins, approached the charity to offer help. 

On the music festival side, our friends at Left Lion previewed its top five Nottingham acts to catch, including of course Rob Green as well as Georgie, Kezia Gill, Whisky Stain and Fat Digester. 

We’ll leave you with a final word from Beat the Streets. See you next year!

About Beat the Streets

Launched in 2018, Beat The Streets brings together the music community in Nottingham with more than 50 acts this year playing stages in venues large and small across the city.


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