A far from ordinary brand for Belvoir

How we created a new brand expression

Heritage home branding is what it is; usually safe and sensible. That’s because you are protecting centuries of investment in reputation and recognition, trading on legacy values that can sometimes be out of place in today’s world.

That’s why we like to dig a little deeper. Take Belvoir Castle. Having convinced them that our record of success working with Chatsworth and the Welbeck Estate made us the perfect fit, we set about uncovering the real Belvoir. Step forward our 3D brand workshop.

Exploratory workshop

Getting everyone with a stake in the room was our first challenge. We then set about asking the right questions to extract the spirit of Belvoir. The ensuing discussions provided rich content for our post-workshop report. This was all about listening and identifying common themes that we could then take into the second stage of our 3D brand process.

Distilling the brand expression

That’s how we uncovered the idea of Belvoir Castle being a ‘far from ordinary’ house, home and visitor destination. Our work spans brand (environment, digital, literature, tone of voice, direct etc), plus media relations and social media, as well as events and launches.



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