How we use video to drive footfall at Nottingham Castle

How our video focused on communicating the visitor experience

We used video to promote the visitor experience at Nottingham Castle, enhancing engagement and building excitement about the venue's offer . Our captivating visuals showcased the castle's architectural grandeur, immersive exhibits, and scenic surroundings. 


Storytelling that inspires

Dynamic footage highlighted the rich history, cultural events, and interactive displays, providing a virtual tour to potential visitors. Snippets of live events added a personal touch, fostering connection and anticipation. Video content allows for storytelling, bringing the castle's narrative to life, enticing visitors to explore its corridors, gardens, and exhibitions, creating a compelling preview of the unique experiences awaiting them.

We worked closely with the castle's Comms team over a single day to capture all footage and created a number of edits - a simple short for the website and a more detailed two minute exploration of the castle as a click-through for those wanting a more immersive experience.

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