5 Tips to Improve Video Editing Skills

How to create engaging videos for all audiences 

79% of people would rather watch a video than read a description. So it's ironic that we've written a blog for this how-to guide, however, we've kept it short and sweet so hope it's worth a read.

With ever-decreasing attention spans, you need to capture your audience's attention quickly! Creating something that is engaging and informative is a surefire way to captivate an audience.

1) Know your audience

A video won’t be a success if you don’t know who the audience is. Understanding who you are targeting and where your video will be published are the first steps to creating a successful video. 

A showreel is a great video type to pique the interest of potential customers. Therefore, avoid any in-depth detail about your product as the viewer may not initially need that information at that point of the customer journey.

Videos on social media should be under a minute long as people will disengage and move on. 

2) Understand the software

Anyone can put video clips together. But it takes time and knowledge of the software that you are using to really bring a video to life. 

Dedicating time to finding the latest tips and tricks gives you a deeper understanding of the programme and the ability to really succeed in achieving the outcome you desire.    

3) Use the brand experience

A video edit needs to reflect the brand it represents.

Understanding brand guidelines is key to making sure a video is successful and aligns with what the company represents. Using the company palette and brand experience not only helps to ensure the video is engaging for the audience but also right for the company.     

4) Find high-quality footage 

It may seem like an obvious point, but it is something that can be forgotten. 

The difference in quality between using a phone camera and a digital camera can be huge. Phone footage is fine for social media but it may not be appropriate for a corporate video. 

Always make sure that the quality of the footage is correct for the type of video you are making.     

5) Storyboard before you start 

Go into editing with a plan in mind for your final product. This not only helps with keeping your editing time down, as you are able to follow an agreed plan, but future edits should be minimal.   

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