How we use video for impact


Our expertise is in visual storytelling. We take static ideas and transform them into moving storyboards, bringing carefully composed scripts to life. We plan painstakingly to ensure we capture everything.

And our detailed understanding of what you want to achieve means our knowledge is invaluable in informing finished productions – from the choice of voice artists to selecting the right music.


Photography is at the heart of a brand experience. The image style is immediately identifiable with the brand. It’s also an essential ingredient of successful press coverage. high quality press images are crafted and capture a moment in time. We use powerful photography to gain column inches, for online galleries, to capture attention; it’s what draws in the audience.

Videography & Animation

If you want to immerse your audience in your story, there’s no better media than moving image or inspiring animation to connect at an emotional level. We create content that’s fit for purpose – from complex 3D animations and corporate programmes complete with film crews, lighting and specialist sound to simple, hand-held ‘fly on the wall’ video that’s perfect for social media.


L.B. Foster

NASDAQ listed L.B. Foster is a global infrastructure solutions business. Find out how our film keeps their world moving.

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