Press Call

How we deliver exclusive access for the media

What is a press call? In our world, it’s an opportunity to invite a group of press to an exclusive event at which they get access to information that is best experienced in person.

Press calls, or photo calls, are perfect for live outside broadcasts, with reporters feeding back to camera or painting a picture on radio of what’s happening at a particular moment in time. They are where press photographers get first sight of something, then vie for column inches and page pixels with their shots.

We use press calls to great effect for events such as specialist art exhibitions, building openings and photo opportunities.

At the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, the Institute of Quarrying’s ‘Quarry Garden’ was one of a number of show gardens. So how did we provoke interest? We held a press call timed to coincide with a visit from the IQ’s patron, the Duke of Devonshire. But what really captured the imagination was a model who we made-up to blend in with the garden’s feature sculpture. The result – the Daily Telegraph’s Picture of the Month – as well as blanket broadcast and published press coverage.

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