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How we use digital to reach out

With four satellite offices based in Nottingham, Lincoln, Northampton and Derby, the Learning & Skills Council East Midlands had the centre of its operations in Leicester. Creating a sense of collective belonging was a major challenge, so we proposed an online enews platform for sharing content gleaned from each office to present the human and business face of the organisation.

LSC News was published monthly online, drawing content from across the region. We developed editorial and provided copywriting, research and content creation, as well as developing the online platform and CMS.

KPIs obtained from the CMS provided useful data on the most popular editorials so that we could learn and develop the content people wanted to read. However, one of our biggest challenges was engaging employees to provide content. So we introduced ‘Newshound’ – a simple reward mechanism for people who provided content for the ezine. It proved quite competitive and each month we featured the winner.

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